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02/27/2014 - Several U.S. Universities are using our open source traffic control software to validate traffic control algorithms.

06/06/2013 -
SCOPE was ported to a $35 Raspberry PI.  Intersection traffic control cost is being greatly reduced.

10/08/2012 - SCOPE is complete.  See the information under projects for more detail.  We are adding an automated regression tester (script based tests) and completing an NTCIP interface.

06/25/2011 -   SCOPE's Max Out, Gap Out, Recall Modes, Presence Mode, Pretimed Mode, etc have undergone 24 hour stress testing.  We are now concentrating on interfacing our Phytec Prototype System to an ITS cabinet.  This effort will undergo testing in August.  SCOPE is scheduled for public release in October at the 18th Annual ITS World Conference in Orlando, Florida

11/05/2010 - 
We have completed the initial port of SCOPE (see below) to an Advanced Traffic Controller.  We have developed an interface for a NEMA-TS2 traffic control cabinet and tested the application.  Right now, we are stress testing the software.  SCOPE should be released sometime in 2011.

6/12/2010  -
We are a year into our U.S. D.O.T. Open Source Traffic Signal Control Program Environment (SCOPE) development.  We have designed and implemented dual-redundant (Ada95/C++) intersection control software that executes on a PowerPC based prototype board under Linux.  The system will also run on the host machine.  The host development system is Pentium based and runs Linux.  For more information and to keep up with developments, contact us and we'll add you to our Google group.  This year we are adding collision control interfaces, adaptive control logic, and other advanced traffic control algorithms.  The final port of our software to an Advanced Traffic Controller will also be performed.  Did I mention SCOPE is going to be FREE?

6/19/2009 -
We've begun work on our Phase II SBIR development for the U.S. Department of Transportation.

5/30/2009 -
ATI has been accepted into the University of Central Florida business incubator program.

2/11/2009 -
We've relocated our business back to Florida where it was originally incorporated. 

- While waiting for a new contract or full time job, I've decided to take our traffic control program and turn the interfaces from pure Ada95 objects to CORBA based IDL objects.  This will allow the GUI to be re-written easily in Java and also allow it to become browser based if desired. 

12/26/08 -
To download our initial US Department of Transportation traffic control research, click here.